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Bundle, Starter for AVC 210, 212A, 213

Bundle, Starter for AVC 210, 212A, 213

Starter Kit includes:

Drawing pencils – assortment including B, 2B, and 4B

Vine charcoal - soft grade – 12 sticks

Vine charcoal - medium grade – 3 sticks

Graphite stick – 4B 

Ebony pencil 
White Conté crayon 2B 

Black Conté crayon 2B 

Kneaded eraser 

White plastic eraser 

Soft pink eraser 

Small pencil sharpener 
Chamois cloth

Bamboo brush - medium
Black India ink

Pen holder 

Nib 513EF Globe 

Glue stick

Masking or drafting tape
2 Large metal clips