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Maine/new England

The Midcoast: A Novel

The Midcoast: A Novel

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NATIONAL BESTSELLER - "Propulsive . . . An absorbing look at small-town Maine and the thwarted dreams of a family trying to transcend it."--Lee Cole, The New York Times (Editors' Choice)

"I tore through the saga of the Thatch family in two nights. The Midcoast is a reader's dream--tense, ominous, and deeply wise."--David Benioff, co-creator of Game of Thrones


It's spring in the tiny town of Damariscotta, a tourist haven on the coast of Maine known for its oysters and antiques. Andrew, a high school English teacher recently returned to the area, has brought his family to Ed and Steph Thatch's sprawling riverside estate to attend a reception for the Amherst women's lacrosse team. Back when they were all teenagers, Andrew never could have predicted that Ed, descended from a long line of lobstermen, or Steph, a decent student until she dropped out to start a family, would ever send a daughter to a place like Amherst. But so the tides have turned, and Andrew's trying hard to admire, more than envy, the view from Ed's rolling backyard meadow.

As Andrew wanders through the Thatches' house, he stumbles upon a file he's not supposed to see: photos of a torched body in a burned-out sedan. And when a line of state police cruisers crashes the Thatches' reception an hour later, Andrew and his neighbors finally begin to see the truth behind Ed and Steph's remarkable rise. Soon the newspapers are running headlines about the Thatches, and Andrew's poring over his memories, trying to piece together the story of a family he thought he knew.

A propulsive drama that cares as deeply about its characters as it does about the crimes they commit, The Midcoast explores the machinations of privilege, the dark recesses of the American dream, and the lies we tell as we try, at all costs, to protect the ones we love.

The Ruins of Woodmans' Village: An LT Nichols Mystery

The Ruins of Woodmans' Village: An LT Nichols Mystery

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When twin teenage sisters go missing at the height of tourist season, Laurel, Maine Police Chief Tim Nichols' summer of patrolling beaches and leading parades comes to an abrupt end. A desperate search for the girls takes him from seaside bars and abandoned farms to million dollar estates and cobbled-together shacks. 

As Nichols doggedly unearths scraps of information and deciphers a steady flow of half-truths, he finds a darkness coursing through ts Laurel's sunny, tree-lined streets. He races to piece together the girls' disappearance, knowing that doing so may tear the façade off his postcard-perfect town.